Pit of Abandoned Stories

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Family-Friendly Stories

Story Number Of Pages
Teen Titans5
The Dirtbiking Adventure4
The Demigod Games 1
Eat Stuff5
Fri's Quest 8
The Grand Plan8
Godzilla Hyper Dimensions5
A half blood's story! 4
The Magic Rope 6
Pokemon Sinnoh Journey7
Unicorn Tamer5+
ZX1 8

PG-13 Stories

Story Number Of Pages
Adventure of a Half Blood 8
Adventure RPG 1
Adventure RPG 2
Adventures in the Kingdom
Adventures of Indiana Zach 5+
An Adventurous and Magical Tale
Age of Heroes 4
Anna and the Aliens
Areas 45-51 3+
Arizona Wrong 2
Artemis Fowl7
Attempt 8
The Average, Ordinary Life of a 15 Year Old Girl 1
Big Bird V.s. Elmo 5
Birth of an Adventurer2
The Blood Thirsty Mime 12+
Bloody Tofu 12+
A Boring Story 7+
Born to be Bad 8
The broken story of stupidness :P 14
Castlevania 1
Cell 8
The Chamber of Secrets 1+
Chaos 2
Chrono Trigger Experience
Crazieness 12+
The Dark Mind 0
Data Cowboy1
Digimon Transverse 30+ Public
Dinnerquest 3
Doctor Who: Cracked Reality
Dragon 1
A Dragon's Tale2
The Dreamer of Wind4
Dreamwalker 11
Dungeon: Assault 2+
An Easy Path to Victory 10+
Ectoplasm 9+
The Egyptian Tombs 3
Elephant Quest 2
Escape from Jail8
Evolution III
Family Easter Quest 5
Fantasy Coffeehouse 7+
First Adventure 15+
the first hunt 1
Fisherman Valley1
Flame Fox 2+
Fugitive Something 10
Getting a Job 5+
Guns of Fury 1+
High School. 3
High School Dreams4
How to Write a Book (Or Not) 10+
The hunt (vampires)
Inside the Dark Room 13
Invasion of the B-Movie Monsters!7
Jensen: Time Traveler 7
Just Plain Awesome 4
Le Storie 4
The leet adventure (Hax) 2+
Librarian mystery 3
The Life of a Teacher1
Life of an average teenager
Life: The Ultimate Adventure 4
Lost Memories 10+
Midlife Crisis 2
A mime with a big gun 3
Mogloween (an AdventureQuest adventure) 3+
My School Project4
The Mysterious Jungle 1
The Mystery of the Stolen Mammals 9
My nose hurts!!! (An exciting action adventure about your nose) 14+
Opal Island (Fantasy adventure) 3+
Paralife 4
The Pirate Ship
The Pit of Abandoned Stories
Platypus 8
A Random Day 3
ready set shoot7
Reality Scourge 1+
The Rise Of A New. Another DBZ Story :P 1
The Rise of Ginyu force. another DBZ story :P 10
Rock On! 10+
Seize The Day 5+
Slavery (a Fantasy RPG adventure)
Star Wars: Knight of the Galaxy (another Star Wars adventure) 6+
Stuck in the House 3
Stumbled Across The Universe2
Tales of Symphonia 5
Tiragarde Keep: A World of Warcraft Adventure 1
Travel Your Own Path2
The underworld9
Veda G chapter one (manga adventure)7
Wander Aimlessly Around The Giant Weird Maze 7
Wild Wolf 0

Quizzes and Challenges

Story Number Of Pages
Your Sex Experience10+
Game Show

Mature Stories

Story Number Of Pages
50 nuits 3 (Do Not Edit) Pit watchlist, last edited on 8 September 2015, only 3 pages.
5,000 B.C.10+
Anal City, USA9
An Apocolyptic city of darkness10
An Unknown Sleeper2
BOB (The Life Of BOB)5+
BOB 2 (Violent BOB)5+
BOB 3 (Army BOB)5+
The Call5
Camping death4+
Dating game of Awsome4
Dawn 5
Death is Coming 11
Dogfight over The Pacific Ocean 8
Earth Day (A dystopian adventure) 4+
Elmo's Dead! 5+
The End 2
Escape the James Holbrook Clones! 5+
First Year 9
Friday the 13th: Revenge 2
Hitman For The Mob 1
Horde 5
Imperial 3
The Invasion (A Zombie Adventure)2+
Kaleib:The Inere Begining...1
Movie Maker 5+
Music Quest 1
Perspective 7 Public
The Residents of Evil 1
Ruined Earth 1
So you Wanna be a Mad Scientist?6
So you Want to be an Evil Overlord?7
Spongebob's Day At The Krusty Krab5+
Soviet 3
Survival 9
This Story Will Piss You Off (R Rated Version)1
The Book of Darkness 0 (Do Not Edit)
Time 13
Train Ride (A murder mystery)5+
Violence: The Edge5+
Violence: The Violence Continues5+
Violence Quest4
Vokes the Zombie2
We Are Hitmen3
What About Me?4
With Great Power Comes Great Girls 0 (Do Not Edit)
Yo Jabba Jabba 1
You are Legend 5
Your WWE Career 8
Zombie Invasion 11
Zelda Quest 7
Sovereign Wind W.I.P. Public

Adult Stories

Story Number Of Pages
Adventure Ace 2
Adventures of Jay 2
Agent 069 2
An Akatsuki Party 4
An Amazing Night 3
Android Training 2
Angorea 2
Alexandras Summer Vacation3
Another Furry World7
Another World10
Archie's Tale3
Archie comics vore10
Arisen Anew3
ASSassin's Creed 1
Attack upon the world14
Avatar: Tsu'Tey and the wanderer 2
Avoiding the Dead12
Award Night 1
A Year of Humiliation 0
Another Beginning 2
Abuse My Wife 3
Alex Rider 3
All-Star Batman And Robin 3
Anime Neighborhood 3
The Amazing Race 4
Assassin's Guild 4
Alien Invasion 5
Adventures of Naughtiness (German) 6 (German/Deutsche)
Arthurian Fantasy 6
Awaylands 7
Anxiety and sex 8
Asa, Boy Pervert 8
Accidental Piss Lovers 9
As A Family 9
Brain Bleached15
The Cage12
Calláte, Cariño (Under Construction)
Camp Half-Blood7
Cannibal Adventure7
Coming Home Early Has Benefits?!2
Demon Rune3
The Dentist Appointment of Urethral Agony 3
Drake's Uncharted13
Double-Blind Desire 5
Dark Mansion 1
Doctor Who: Smutty Edition 1
Dreams of Desire 2
Date Night - A Dating Sim 3
Dog Tales 3
Daddy's College Adventures 4
A Demon's Gift 5
Dungeons of lust 4
Dracula 5
Divas Choose Your Own Adventure: Intercontinental Coozing 6
DRAMAtical Murder: Text Version 6
Drivers' Education 6
doctors 7
Eris of the Red Lions6
Erotic Adventures of a Gentleman Spy 17
Eastbound and Down: Shelby County Gone Wild8
Everything goes including your clothes6
The Ever Changing World In Which I Live 12
A family tale of corruption3
Fantasy World6
Final Day of Carmacks Team: The Prequel to the Doom Movie3
Forced: Audrey10
For Fuck's Sake3
Freelancer: The Universe of Possibility18
Gray Matter8
Halo: Fucking Evolved4
Happy Fucking Games!5
Hemlock, Mercenary From Hell6
High School Story5
Hit And Run6
iCarly: iAm Horny12
Ideal -
In The Life Of: The Kane Chronicles3
Item stories.6
A job at the bodypainting place10
Kayla's Adventures: Party 10
Keeping It In The Family 4
Kemonomimi Adventure 5
Kim Possible Sex Adventure 1
The Kingdom 5
A Knight's Quest 16
KPOP Love Story 16
Lana the Bounty Hunter2
Left 4 sex25
Life Behind the Badge6
Lives of Awesome...and one idiot.5
Lone Wolf6
Lone Loser(Italian) 3
Lonely Stallion in the Sweet Green Pastures2
Lost Galaxy11
Lust God30
The magic show4
Magical Faerie Mystery 6
A Magician's Journey 5
Marion 5 (French/Francais)
Mars: A Chronicle 3
Masked Crimes 13
Mass Effect: Normandy Nights 2
Mass Effect: Operation EDI 4
Masturbation 3
Medieval Marriage Sim 5
Meet the Kirks 7
Miami Nights 4
MILF Quest 5
Mind Controller 8
Minnesota 6
Mistress Of Satan 1
Mob Story12
Mom Cooks You Dinner... 0
Morning Deshmukh 7
The Multiverse Saga: Infinite Orgy14
Mutiny 10
My Porn Life 0
My Sister in law 3
My wish 4
My Worlds 3
Naruto Love5
Naughty But Delicious6
Naughty Kitten4
Noir Detective8
The North Kingdom3
Panty Sniffing Freak 2
The Patchwork Universe2
Patriarch's Legacy10
Patrick's Day 0
Planet Tentalia7
Pokemon: XY3
Porn Empire6
Possessed Little Boy12
Prince of HighHall 9
The Princess of Amoris11
Princess Problems7
Princess Revenge6
Psychonauts in Hell4
The Red Lance13
The fighting pits 4
Remembering The Forgotten8
The Resort6
Rise Up5
The Royal Guard16
The Runt Son(Infantilism)1
Sex Aging Series31
Sex Trade3
Sexual adventures5
Sexy Gay Vampire Assassin Cult Adventure Erotica!6
Scarlet Lovers14
Seduce a User8
Smutty Sex Romp 225
Space Chronicles5
Spongebob Squarepants is a gangster9
A Story of Corruption18
Stuck in West Africa4
Study Break3
Tails and Tribulations14
Tales of You5
Tarzan's Sexual Adventure1
Teenager's Life 2
Temple of Jesenda6
Theme Park15
Things That Go Bump 1
Thirteen-Year-Old 1
This Is You(Gay)16
Time for fun3
Time for a Haircut 14
The Time Lord17
Tink's Adventure 3
To Pee or not To Pee5
Tori and the space creature14
The Tormentor's eyes10
Tranny Fun3
The Tribe: Taking The Rite2
The Tribes of Istaria 6
The Twelfth Doctor10
Twenty-First Birthday20
Twisted Family5
Upwood High: First Day Fantasy 1
The Vampire Diaries: Sex Edition3
Victoriana X 0
Victorious Secret Love 8
Video Game Store3
A Walk in the Woods1
Washed Up 1
Where are you?7
White Nights3
Who are You?1
The Whore House10
Women At War7
The World is Yours9
The World Of Monster22
X-Men Academy8
Xenomorph adventures3
XXX Sorority Sisters4
Yakyuken Quest 4
Yggdrasil 3
You Monster 5
You're So Beautiful When You Sleep 1
Your Kingdom 10
A Young Man's Life 5
Young Teen on her way home 6
Your Destiny 3
Your Reality Ring9
You're a god, good for you10
You're Omnipotent!4
Zombie Rampage3

Poor Taste Stories

Story Number Of Pages
Dark Nights5
The Guy Who Held His Breath Forever8
Kill As Many People As You Can8
While Your Boyfriend Sleeps11
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