Camp Half-Blood

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Disclaimer: 18+, if you are offended by this material, or if you are under your state/nation's legal age of consent, please press Alt+F4 and a magic unicorn will appear to fly you away to dreamland. Imagine characters as whatever age you are comfortable with.


You are an as-of-yet unclaimed demigod nesting in the corner of the Hermes cabin. You are certain of the identity of your mother, a young woman of twenty eight years named Serah, and so you've narrowed your search to simply the male gods. But three days at Camp Half-Blood, and still nothing whatsoever. No sign. Just bundled into the Hermes cabin with a hundred other unclaimed kids.

You open your eyes to the morning glow, or, more accurately, the midday sun. You overslept... again. Still, if you run, you might still make it to breakfast.

You burst through the cabin door, snatching up your spear on the way out, and are halfway towards the pavilion when you see someone walking towards the woods. After only three days, you are still very much anonymous; whoever she is, and by the shape, you are certain its a she, she hasn't noticed you.

Do you:

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