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Dementa is a sexualised survival horror story in the vein of Clock Tower and Haunting Ground. It is a new work in progress.

Dementa Begins

Were you dreaming?

The crash of thunder pulls you from your deep sleep, causing you to sit up with a startled gasp. Your eyes take a minute to adjust to the darkness as your ears ring painfully. As your headache begins to subside, your thoughts come in a confused jumble. You're don't know this place, you realise in fright. From your position on the floor, the room looks utterly alien to you. You can just make out the shadows of misshapen forms dangling from the ceiling above you. A chill runs down your spine, and you quickly glance away. As you do, you think you hear a dull groan in the distance. Your breath comes in short, panicked bursts, catching in your throat. It sounded close enough that you'll have to be quiet if you don't want it to hear you.

The stone floor is cold against your bare skin. Peering downward, you see nothing but a thin, white sheet draped across your slender frame. The length of brown hair you normally keep in a ponytail falls lightly across your shoulders. You nervously pull the sheet against you, both to keep warm and to try to hide your nakedness. It wraps around you closely, hugging your full breasts and rounded hips, leaving little to the imagination.

Where are you? Who are you? You struggle to remember, but your memory is clouded, distant. All you know is that you'd rather be anywhere but here - wherever here is.

Do you:

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