Dementa/Search the Room

From Create Your Own Story

Using the stone wall as leverage, you pull yourself to your feet, barely able to stand on your shaking legs. From the looks of it, the room probably serves as some sort of slaughterhouse. A great wooden table, stained crimson, takes up the center of the room, while large slabs of meat, hopefully not human, dangle from metal hooks all around you. From the smell of things, not all of the meat is fresh.

There is a small, barred window on the far wall. As you approach it, the cold evening breeze drifts easily through the thin sheet shielding you and teases a trail of goosebumps across your bare skin. A heavy rain falls on the grass beyond your reach, bringing water through the window and down the rough-hewn stone walls of the room. You shiver - whether it's more from the cold or fear is anyone's guess. You realise that you're trapped in a building with no immediate way to escape. What's worse, you're not sure if the bars are meant to keep things from getting in... or to keep something from getting out. Tears form on your soft, pale cheeks and run down your face. They are the warmest thing you've felt since awakening, as you wonder why some one has held you here.

Wiping away the tears, you notice a narrow stairwell in the corner that blends in with the stonework.

Do you:

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