Dementa/Begin to Cry

From Create Your Own Story

You can't take it anymore. You don't deserve to be here! Your sobbing is quiet at first, as you collapse into the white sheet and wrap it around yourself like a frightened child. Soon, your sobs are loud enough to echo from the stone walls of your prison. The heavy sounds of footsteps come abruptly from the stairwell hidden in the corner of the room. Fear stops your tears when the terrifying cause of the footsteps reveals itself.

He grins when he sees you; with half his teeth broken off it seems the parody of happiness. But the look in his eyes as he runs his tongue over the shattered smile is genuine and terrifying. He slowly ambles toward you, revealing a muscled but broken figure that towers several feet above you. His mammoth hands grasp at the open air as you instinctively crawl backwards across the stone floor, trying desperately to increase the distance between you. What does he want from you?

You cower in terror when he stands before you. Please don't eat me... you whimper pitifully as he leans down with one hand, seizes you by the throat and lifts you up against the wall. He tears the white sheet to pieces, exposing your beautiful, naked figure in the dim light. You would scream, but the pressure on your throat is too strong, and he finally reveals what he wants when he licks the side of your face with his misshapen tongue. He uses his free hand and crudely caresses your breasts, his thickly calloused thumb rubbing your nipples hard enough that your skin bruises instantly.

The hideous hunchback unbuckles his burlap pants and exposes a limp cock the length of your forearm. He continues to lick your face, neck and arms until he becomes fully aroused. While you scream without a voice, he groans from the discomfort of being erect and instincively positions himself between your legs - he thrusts wildly, like an animal, until he manages to slip the leaking, bulbous head of his cock inside you. Your eyes go wide with shame and pain, but he does not relent and quickens in pace. Your mind shatters as he grotesquely shoves in and out of you, pinning you helplessly to the wall.

With every thrust his grip on your throat tightens until, mercifully, he breaks your neck and grants your death. Several minutes later, as your lifeless body continues to pleasure the monster, he hisses and roars when he ejaculates obscene amounts of vile cum inside your womb. He then notices that you are dead and leaves your bloody corpse in the slaughterhouse where, eventually, it is consumed by rats.


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