Dementa/Climb the Stairs

From Create Your Own Story

The rainy breeze becomes stronger when you climb out of the slaughterhouse, though the rain itself has ceased. You emerge in a central courtyard, completely surrounded by massive stone walls at least twenty feet tall. The grass feels wet beneath your feet as you nervously inspect the area, following a path of stones that leads to the terrace windows of a library. Many of the glass panels of the window are broken and appear derelict but there is light coming from within.

With no real alternative, you enter the library cautiously, but find it warm and inviting. A great fire burns in a central hearth. Dozens of bookshelves are arranged in rows, though two more pressing things get your attention: a window without bars on one wall and an oak door. While you consider which course of action would be better, and you think you can squeeze yourself through the window, the heavy sound of footsteps coming toward the library door reawaken your horror.

Your heart pounds in your chest, as your feet twist in a moment of panic, while trying to decide.

Do you:

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