Dementa/Climb Through the Window

From Create Your Own Story

Running to the window, you hurriedly manage to pry open the rusty locks keeping it shut. Again, the cold evening breeze brings dampness that chills your bare skin. You push the wooden slats upward and, indeed, you believe that you could shimmy through the window if you had enough time. The library window leads outside the walls of the courtyard, with a twenty foot fall to freedom. If you just had enough time...

But time is not a luxury when the library door flings open and a grotesque, monstrous hunchback enters. Biting your lip in terror, so hard it bleeds, you thrust your arms through the window and struggle to pull your torso through. Your upper body makes it through, your bare breasts dangling outside the library wall as you use the palms of your hands to try and pull yourself completely out.

Then, something terrible happens. Rough, calloused hands seize your ankles and pull the white sheet from off your body. In a panic, you twist and writhe to try and break free of the monster's hold on your lower limbs but he easily overpowers you. You feel slick warmth when he nuzzles his misshapen nose against your sex and begins hungrily sucking your pussy with his cracked lips and sandpaper tongue. You break into heavy sobs and whimper in vain, struggling to break free from the unwanted molesting, but lack the strength. No... you whisper, defeatedly, as you feel you body responding to the monstrous fiend between your thighs.

The tears that stream down your face match your shame as the crude treatment brings you to an orgasm you did not want and feel horrified for having. You cover your mouth in deep sorrow, wondering who you could've been to deserve this. The hunchback releases his grip on your legs in this moment of pity as you fall from the windowsill, white bedsheet swirling around you, and land with a loud crack twenty feet below. If you'd just had enough time...

Somehow you survived the fall but your back is broken. Three days pass before your death, the last thing you see are the crows feasting on your shattered legs.


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