Dementa/Hide Behind a Bookshelf

From Create Your Own Story

Hurrying behind a bookshelf in the darkest corner of the room, away from the fireplace, you hug the bedsheet closely against your nakedness and hold your breath. Time slows to a crawl for several painful seconds when the footsteps cease, you believe they may have moved on, and the library door swings open.

A grotesque, monstrous hunchback enters the room, sniffing the air like a dog catching scent. He pauses at the fireplace to warm his hands by the fire, missing your wet footsteps on the floor. After a few minutes pass, your legs still shaking in terror at being caught, the hunchback leaves through the terrace windows and enters the courtyard. He will undoubtedly discover you missing from the slaughterhouse any minute!

When you're certain he's far enough away, you enter through the library door. You've now entered a hallway with two dead ends, a door standing at the end of each corridor; knights in armor adorn the walls of one hall while paintings adorn the other.

Do you:

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