Dementa/Pass the Paintings

From Create Your Own Story

Terrified at the thought of running past the armored knights, in case some of them may be real, you decide to flee past the paintings. The sound of your heavy footsteps echo through the hallway, the pitter-patter of soft flesh against stone floors. Then, for the smallest of seconds, you hear it...


Shivering in the moment of confusion, you turn wildly around the hall trying to discover the sound's origination. As you scan the room, you notice that every painting, though different in subject, contain massive amounts of the color red. You exhale deeply when you're hit by something, not even feeling the pain until a wetness forms across your soft abdomen. The next few hits are more meaningful, as they cause you to lose grip on the bedsheet, which sprawls like a blowing leaf to the floor below.

They are needles, you realize, that have been shot at you through tiny cracks in the wall's surface. Dozens strike you from the front and back, rivets of blood flying through the air creating a crude, sanguine and abstract painting. Your beautiful body, now riddled with holes, collapses lifelessly on the cold floor, in a posture of surprise. The last thing you see are that the paintings themselves do not contain red but have been painted with the blood of the unfortunate victims that walked the same path before you.

And no one will ever know.


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