From Create Your Own Story

Life aboard the Vanaheim can be tough, especially for an untested like yourself. Everyone aboard a World ship is expected to do their part, to share in the vital functions of the ship, but there is so little for you to do. The adults all like to claim that children are the most important part of the population, that without them there would be no point in the ship existing at all, but that doesn't seem to matter much when it's time to eat, or pick tasks, or do much of anything. Children always get pushed out of the way, ignored, and given the most boring or pointless work to do and when there is an attack they get huddled in with the elderly and the sickly so they are out of the way where they can't help fight to defend the ship. Where is the respect, the glory, the honor? For sixteen years you've put up with being told what to do, pushed around, and having no voice in the decision making process but all of that changes today. After an agonizingly long wait, it's finally your birthday and it's time to pledge yourself to one of the clans and be an adult. You've been thinking hard about which one to choose but it's not easy to decide. You'll have to give an answer in front of everyone tonight after dinner. Perhaps you should take some more time to think about it?

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