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Valkyrie have one of the coolest jobs on the Vanaheim. They are the pilots. A team of them pilot the Vanaheim itself and work very closely with the Seidhr, but there are Valkyrie for every support craft the Vanaheim carries as well. It's not an easy job though. A Valkyrie may need to be in their craft for days or, in extreme circumstances, weeks. Much like the Eir, they each interface with their craft via a Neural Link, but in addition to the link installed at the base of their skull, they also have a series of port installed throughout their body. These additional ports link their entire body up with the ship allowing them to receive nutrients and dispose of waste through the ship itself as well as grant a limited amount of motor control over ship functions. For example, targeting the main laser may be done by pointing the right arm. It also allows the ship to stimulate a sensory response on the body. When the ship senses an enemy on the port side it notifies the Valkyrie with a tingling sensation on their side. By using the bodies natural sensory and motor control less effort is needed on the part of the Valkyrie to balance the complex needs of space combat.

None of this would be possible, however, without the Framework installed in every vessel. A framework is an artificial mind that control the basic functions of every ship and helps bridge the interface between man and machine with the Valkyrie. This way only the briefest thought is needed to carry out a function since the framework carries out the rest of the work.

The most prestigious Valkyrie are the ones who pilot the Longboats, the primary ships used to defend the Vanaheim. The slender ships weave in and out of even the tightest spaces in a battle maneuvering fast enough that with the right Valkyrie they can even dive into enemy fire without getting hit. They ships look fragile but they pack a devastating punch.

Every Viking team has a Valkyrie as well. They pilot the Knarr back and forth between the Vanaheim and whichever planet the Vikings are being deployed too. Viking teams always use the same Knarr and it often becomes more home to them than the Vanaheim.

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