+Lust God

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They exist! ‘Tis true enough!

You see, once upon a time, it was common knowledge to mankind that there were several deities. Greeks knew it. So did the Romans. And the Egyptians. And so on and so forth. For some unknown reason, most of these deities were forgotten. The reason for that may be many, and it’s not for us to discuss.

What IS important is the fact that some of these deities would, from time to time, allow one of their offspring to walk among humans, probably as a way to prove their existence and to remember those among man that gods should be worshiped. Those descendants would usually carry a part of the celestial power of the deity that conceived them within. Among all these deities we have the goddess of lust, sexual longing, yearning and desire, Aine, which will, soon enough, become very important to you.

This is where your own tale begins. You are Matthew Timothy Fox, a regular 13 years old boy, as so many others. You have a relatively handsome face, though it is hidden behind some thick nerdy glasses you have to wear because of the somewhat high myopia (nearsighted) you acquired a few years ago. The fact that quite a few pimples have begun to show in your face also does not help at all. To top it off, although you’re quite high for your age, you’re extremely skinny, which doesn’t make you any “sexier”, and also turns you into a bully’s magnet.

You have four sisters: Jessica, at 17 years old, is the oldest. She`s your typical Gothic rebel, with beautiful auburn hair and some huge DD cups tits you seem to have a huge trouble avoiding looking directly at lately; Then we have the twins, Alissa and Amber, both 15 years old. They both are blondies with slender sexy bodies, coupled with a pair of legs one would kill for (which you also seen to have a hard time avoiding directly looking at). They are always competing and challenging each other; Finally there`s your younger sister, Fay. At 9 years old, her body is still starting to develop, with almost no noticeable breasts and an overall innocent angelical behavior around her. Your mother is Veronica, which one would probably describe as a hot MILF. Her body is surprisingly hot for her age, with giant breasts that are even bigger than Jessica`s and a lovely huge butt. The way she moves and talks remembers you of a seductress cat searching for her next prey. Lastly, we have your father, Henry, who is a very nice father WHEN he is around, since most of the time he`s usually busy traveling because of his work.

And so our adventure begins…

6:30 AM! The alarm on your clock just went off. You wake up cursing it as you remembered you forgot to turn it off and today is Sunday. Since you are awake anyway, you decided to go to the bathroom before returning to your much deserved sleep. The bathroom is all the way across the corridor, meaning you will have to pass through all your sister`s rooms. As you walk through said corridor you…

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