Decide to see if Alissa and Amber are awake and fighting already

From Create Your Own Story

As you tried to turn the doorknob, you noticed that the door wouldn`t open.

“Bah, they locked their door once more” you thought to yourself. For some odd reason, Alyssa and Amber would lock their room quite regularly at night, usually only unlocking it just before your mom got up. You always wondered why they did so.

Not that you would expect anything from them, since both always seemed to be interested in good looking, well hung, strongly build guys. You obviously aren’t any of it. If they ever spoke to you, it was because you are their younger brother… So, yeah, probably out of pity or something.

Curious as you are, you pressed your ear into the door, trying to hear anything inside of their room. After only hearing delicate snorts from both your sisters, you decided to just move along. You:

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