"When a man has to go, a man has to go!" -walk straight to the bathroom

From Create Your Own Story

Not that you wasn`t curious about your sister`s. But your bladder took priority in this one. You lowered your pajamas and peed into the toilet. You couldn`t help but notice that your dick has been growing larger and larger lately, to the point of it becoming a nuisance if you had to wear swimming trunks.

You even could swear that all of your family (and some of your friends) were constantly looking at you when you wore those by the beach or the school`s pool, which made you sure that the huge size of your cock was just silly. “Great… As if I didn`t have enough problems of my own” you thought to yourself as you flushed the toilet and tuck your dick back in your pajamas. After washing your hands, as your mother would always urge you to, you:

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