Take a peek at Jessica`s room, since the door is slightly ajar

From Create Your Own Story

You carefully peak through your sister`s doors, trying not to touch it as you did so. Strangely, you can`t see nor hear her, only noticing some sort of light coming from a side of her room.

Obviously, you`re curious about it, so you quietly walk into her room. As you enter it, you notice that she is not there.

“Probably out with one of her many boyfriends” you thought to yourself. Jessica would usually do her love escapades before dawn, so that your mom, Veronica, wouldn’t know about it. All you could see was her unmade bed, a couple of paper tissues over it, and her Ipad, which was the source of the light you saw earlier. What did peak your curiosity was the fact that she did leave her Ipad turned on over her bed. Being the curious boy that you are, you decided to move over and lay into her bed, picking up the Ipad as you did so.

Much to your surprise, the moment you sat on the bed you noticed it was quite damp. “Jeez… Jessie peed in her bed?” you thought as you touched the puddle in the middle of her bed with your index finger and moved it towards your nostrils. At the exact same time, you turned off the screen protector of her Ipad. “Wait a minute…” you mumbled to yourself as you noticed that it was showing a porn site, something you never had the opportunity to see before as your mother was quite regulatory concerning what sites you and Fay could access. You also gave a long sniff on your index finger “Err… That definitely does NOT smells like pee” was your conclusion. You:

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