"A Porn site? That is too good of an opportunity to miss!!!" -Stay and look at the Ipad`s screen

From Create Your Own Story

Jessica`s Ipad was showing a porn movie, which was paused. You could hear your heart pumping as your trembling finger touched the PAUSE icon once more so that the movie would restart playing.

It showed an older women riding a younger man. She was vigorously humping over the man, literally screaming:

“Fuck me!!!! Fuck me, you whore!!! Don`t you ever stop fucking me!!!”.

The volume was quite high, so you were thankful that you were using her earbuds, since they were already connected to it.

Then you saw the man`s stiff shaft furiously entering and exiting her pussy

“Wow… They are not pretending! They are actually doing it! They are actually fucking!” you thought to yourself as your hand unconsciously started to rub your already hard dick over your pants. You never did that before, but it was a great, unique feeling. The more you rubbed your dick, the better it felt.

“Tear my pussy!!! I want you to cum inside me, bitch!” the older woman screamed as she slapped the guy`s face and continued to pump his shaft.

“Wow, this is pretty hardcore…” you thought to yourself as you finally noticed that the older woman was quite pregnant, with her huge belly moving up and down and slapping into the guy`s torso. “Does Jessie gets off to this?” you thought to yourself, as you lowered your pajamas and grabbed your dick. Having your fingers firmly locked around your stiff cock felt great, so you slowly started to move your hand up and down, trying to mimic the action of the guy`s dick in the movie.

“Jeez that feels great” you thought as you started to move your hand even faster, a hot feeling building up inside you.

“Do you see that, bitch!!! See how wet I am!!! I`m drenching your cock!!! Fuck me!!! Harder!!! Faster!” the older woman continued to scream.

“Oh my… this isn’t pee” you realized as you moved the index finger you used to touch the puddle in her bed towards your nostrils once more. “This is Jessie`s juices!” you said in a hearable enthusiastic voice as you started to furiously beat your cock, smelling the finger once more.

“Yes! Cum Inside me! Knock me up again, bitch! I want to feel your hot sperm inside me!” the older sexy woman said in the movie you are watching.

You are feeling a strange, delicious, very powerful feeling inside your loins. Your index finger is now in your mouth, with your tongue working around it trying to flavor the taste in it. “Am I going to cum?” you asked yourself just before you:

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