Get out of the bed, disgusted by what you just touched and go wash your hands

From Create Your Own Story

Surprisingly, you run off disgusted with the filth in your hands, crying as a little boy, towards the bathroom.

As you turn on the faucet and thoroughly washes your hands, as your mamma taught you to do and be a good boy, you can`t help but think to yourself

“What the heck am I doing?” you think as you look to your own image in the mirror.

“This is a golden opportunity, and I`m not a kiddo anymore” you repeat to yourself.

Truth be told, been called a kid, or kiddo or stuff like that usually pissed you off, and that was usually the way Jessica herself called you!

With your courage renewed, you decide to boldly go where no man has ever gone before… Or, at the very least, where YOU have never been before!

You return to Jessica`s bed, sit on it and pick up her Ipad...

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