Evolution III

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In the year 2010, a brand-spankin'-new species emerges from a pool of primordial ooze. It's not much: just a single-celled blob with a lot of ambition. In order to become the dominant species of planet Earth, it'll have to evolve quick and contend with species that have been fine-tuned for their environments over millions of years: vicious predators, wily diseases, and the elite humans. The new species has but one thing going for it - you!

Here's the rules: to win, you must force humanity into submission, or simply kill everyone. You'll need the most prudent adaptations and a significant population in order to do so. The game will be split into years, which contain four seasons each. Each season, you'll have a choice to make which will affect the population of your species and also the adaptations which you will later have access to. At the end of each year, you will choose between several adaptations. There will be up to two options plus an extra for each 20 IQ each season, and two plus an extra per 1,000 population when evolving. Good luck!

Hey hey! Two pitiful single-celled blobs have just congealed in a pool somewhere. It's spring 2010. What now?

Do you:

Population 2 Adaptations:

None yet

IQ 1
Classification Pitiful Single-Cell
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