Mass Effect: Operation EDI

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A light sound of Mordin's fingers tapping against the console filled the quiet and dim laboratory on the Normandy. He was completely absorbed in his work for the past few days. His recent research discovered a horrible secret that could potentially endanger the whole crew of the ship. He moved on the Normandy a few days ago in order to research more. His focus was interrupted when the door to the lab slid open with a loud metallic hiss. A smooth, shiny, humanoid android stood in the doorway.

"You asked to see me, doctor?" The robot spoke, her voice soft and monotone, as she stepped inside the lab, the door closing behind her.

"Yes EDI, I'm afraid I did." The salarian scientist spoke, voice filled with distress. "It is as I feared. " He explained as EDI stepped closer inside the lab. A large hologram flashed, showing Mordin's new research. "You see, recently I was analyzing the negative effects that the prolong exposure to the Reaper technology could potentially have on the crew and my findings are quite grim." Two figures appeared on the hologram, one blue one red "On the left we have an organism who never came in contact with the Reapers or Collectors on the right we have one of the crew members on the Normandy." He paused with a concerned look "I'm afraid that everyone on board the crew is sick."

EDI's flat expression flashed with a hint of fear and worry at the sudden horrible revelation. As an AI she was unaffected by the sickness, even in her silver, humanoid body. Regardless she still felt affection for her crew and the though of all of them being sick filled her with dread. "Is it fatal?" she asked.

"If untreated, yes." The doctor answered, to AI's shock. "But all is not lost. I already started developing a cure. And with your help I'm about 98.69% sure I can develop a vaccine before we can ever get to the late stages on the sickness. "

"Very well. Should I run some kind of calculations?" The metal girl asked, her perfect robotic brain already working hard.

"No. Unnecessary. I have a different task for you. One more I require your talents and unique traits of your synthetic...frame." The salarian answered. "In order to synthesize a cure I will need genetic material. From all the races. Each one effected by the Reapers. I already acquired salarian. That leaves you with the task of collecting human, turian and krogan genetic material."

EDI nodded, putting this task on top of her priority list. Her head busy with calculations "Genetic material, best acquired from blood or skin tissue."

Mordin shook his head "Negative. Amount to excessive. Will require at least a gallon from each race. Blood out of the question, not in the sick state. Skin tissue, insufficient data. I have a different suggestion-reproductive material. More than enough data and quantity. "

EDI analyzed the suggestion, all the calculation added up, despite her obvious initial dislike of the idea. "I'm afraid that this vesicle lacks the proper reproductive functions. On top of that my current relationship with Jeff could potentially be damaged. " Despite her smooth female appearance her frame was suited for infiltration not penetration. Her programming was more than ready, in fact the AI has been researching ways to pleasure her partner. She scanned his extensive library of pornographic videos. More than a year of content getting analyzed almost burned her circuits. But ever since she has been very curious about this alien concept of fucking.

Mordin smile widely "Oh That's where you're wrong. Joker has been more than helpful in this research. He shown great excitement over the idea and shared his input. Together we created this..." With a loud clang a pod mounted on the wall opens ad reveals a body similar to EDI's current form. "EDI mark 2. You'll find this model a perfect tool for the job. Transfer to it so we can begin."

EDI analyzed the chassis. The face, the head, the dome resembling human hair, the black and chrome patterns on her body- all the same. But this model came with some enchantments. The chest was quite a bit larger than her old model, so was the back region. She heard that males of the species enjoyed a large posterior but this was quite beyond the usual. What also caught the girls eye was the gray slit located between the legs, she knew damn well what it was but never pictured it on herself.

"Ah yes, explanation then." Mordin walked up to the hollow lifeless suit, looking proud of his work. "The design was losely based around Lt. Lawson. Her body was supposedly perfect, but Joker could not resist making the breasts and arse a size bigger. I obliged his request, more the better, easier to collect data. Breasts and arse made out of highly squeezable material. Most closely resembling the real thing. In the words of Joker..." He gave his creation a slap on the ass that echoed in the lab, surprisingly the breasts jumped up a few time as if made of jell-o and the ass jiggled as it retained it's original shape " bounces. Moving on. High heels where added in place of your regular feet, we noticed a 15% better reaction once we added them." EDI didn't notice the six inch heels before, this model clearly was not suited for combat. "And finally, we move on to the synthetic vaginal canal. Based on human and assari anatomy, stretchable and self lubricating. The best of both words. " EDI's opened wide as she heard the scientist, she was clearly excited. "But that's not all. Similar to human and assari, there is a second hole on the back. I'd advise not using it though, research was running late, time short, lubrication and stretching not as good ironic considering the inspiration for the project, penetration can cause discomfort and pain." EDI perked up at the comment "Yes you heard correct. Pain. By Jokers request this body has pain and pleasure receptors. Terrible in combat but he said he wanted you to have fun on this assignment. I didn't want to deny you that. All the holes, including the throat lead to a genetic material bank that will segregate it and secure for transport to the lab."

EDI analyzed all that was just said. She went silent for a good minute fore speaking again. "I will being you those samples." She begun the transfer. Suddenly her body went limb and fell on the ground with a thud.

EDI mark 2. opened her eyelids. She stepped out of the pod, wobbling slightly as she did. The AI was not used to heels but she adopts quickly. She recalled the way Miranda Lawson carried herself and decided to mimic her. Swaying hips from side to side she walked to the door. "I will return with the samples. Work on the cure." She stepped out the door.

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