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Heads of ever crew member turned as EDI made her way on the ship, getting used to her new body. She felt all the eyes on her as her heels clicked on the metal walkway. She wondered if she was mimicking Miranda's movements incorrectly, maybe because of the slightly larger size of her breasts and ass but determined she was doing everything exactly as it should be and stares were the appropriate reaction. She also briefly considered clothing but decided it was unnecessary for this mission and it's not like she ever bothered with it before. Her augmented hearing picked up on a few comments from the crew "Holly shit is that the ships computer?" "New seen a sex bot this advanced." "Dude, she is the ships AI, she watched you jerk off, she knows everything."

EDI was considering all the options. Her mission was to acquire a genorus helping of sperm from male crewmen of every race on the ship. Human, Turian and of course Krogan.

The easiest one will no doubt be human. The ship is full of crewmen. Her calculations based on the crews reaction was that about 99.99% of them would respond positively to the prospect of dumping their load in her robot snatch. Some more notable human donors include: Commander Shepard, Lt. Vega, mercenary Zaeed and Joker. Alternatively she could try to acquire help of female crew but her calculations show that they would not give the neccesary amount of dna. However her calculations do have a margin of error. Additionally they could help her with the extraction.

Turain presence on the ship is limited. The team that helped Shepard on Tuchanka are still stationed on board. Additional donor of note would be Garrus. He has proven himself to be quite the alpha male.

The hardest one would no doubt be krogan. The only two specimens on board were Wrex and Grunt. Both prefect specimen, one literally. What frightened EDI however was the prospect of krogan breeding. Krogan race was famous for their rough treatment of their mates. The massive krogan cocks would test her new body to it's limits. A string of the synthetic lubricant ran down her shiny thighs just thinking about it.

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