Tarzan's Sexual Adventure

From Create Your Own Story

The morning sun shines through the window of a tree house, which belongs to a all too known person. You are Tarzan, king of the Jungle. As the sun hits your face you slowly start to wake up. Yawning you sit up in bed, the blanket falling down, revealing your muscled body. Chiseled chest with a powerful six pack. You stretch your powerful arms as you try to get limber. Once you feel good enough you stand up in your bed, the blanket falling down, revealing your naked body, which showed an impressive length between your legs.

Looking over at a branch is your loincloth. Not taking it yet you think about it for a second. Today you're feeling a bit more bold, and have thoughts of not taking it today. But you like having it on in case you stop by a local tribe. Still you debate, take your loincloth or go bare naked?

Take your Loincloth

Leave your loincloth

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