Arisen Anew

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The walls boxing you inside of your meditation chamber begin to wail the moment the doors open; on the other side of the molten and screaming steel stands a sturdy incubus, clad by shadow-toned robes. You recognise those horns and that smug grin as belonging to Nushgath, your guide into the overworld.

As he speaks up, the walls begin to cry black, oily tears and the torches beg for mercy. His voice is potent and leaking with overconfidence yet unseen amongst demonkind. "Are you ready, servant?" he calls out, his voice booming and somehow echoing around the round room.

The walls hiss and begin to buckle, trying to run away from the demon. "Leave us be, leave us, mercy, master, mercy!" they scream at him. In responce, he spits at one of the crying eyes, and, in between the screams and unholy wails, you can only make out the words 'it hurts' spoken with coherency.

He gives you his hand as you note you're still sitting in the middle of the pentagram, surrounded by incantations and idols. How gentlemanly of him.
Behind his shoulders you see two more pairs of horns, and you decide that you cannot flee nor overpower them.

You're playing A demon, Ashgeth
Health perfect Carrying:
Mood annoyed
You are... evil
Currently in... your meditation chamber You are:
Victims countless
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