The Dark Mind

From Create Your Own Story

Some basic things to know before we start:

DP: Dark Points (DP) are things you gain for every bad thing you do. You want to keep this low, as it affects the Shade. 1 DP gained cancels out 1 LP.

LP: Light Points (LP) are things you get for good acts. This must be high, as it is like a percentage. For example, if you have 51 LP and 49 DP, you are 51% good. If you add the two Shade-controlling points, you should get 100. 1 LP gained cancels out 1 DP.

Fear: The higher youR fear, the more dangerous it is. If you reach 100% Fear, you will lose 1 HP in Normal areas, 2 HP in Dim areas, and 3 HP in Dark areas. In Nightmare areas, you simply die off a heart attack.

Shade: Shade controls the darkness of an area base on DP. There are 4 leves: Normal (less than 25 DP), Dim (25-49 DP), Dark (50-74), and Nightmare (75+).

FP: Your closeness to others in the story is your FP.

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