Drivers' Education

From Create Your Own Story

Welcome to my first interactive story, and my first adult story at that. First off I'll be delivering the premise and a small bit of setting. You are 18 and currently enrolled in drivers' education. Your instructor is an older man who works as a teacher at your school. Without meaning to offend anyone choosing to read this story, you are a very horny and somewhat slutty girl. You are also very submissive. You do what most people tell you to do, but you aren't afraid to initiate intimate encounters. The story begins on your first day of your drivers' education class, with you in a classroom with other students, but the story will expand to test drives and to the girl's home and daily life if readers so desire.

Now, onto some of the fetishes and such involved. Exhibitionism will be the main fetish involved, including sex, masturbation, and outright nudity in public should the right choices be made.

So, with all of that out of the way, let's start the story.

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