Everything goes including your clothes

From Create Your Own Story

You're a 22-year-old woman. You heard a new game show was being made in town so you go down to check it out. You see the town film lot and a building with a sign that says 'everything goes'. A man is at the door.

"Ma'am, the show is free but I'll need your name. please."

"I'm Jane Jackson."

You go through the door and see many people sitting on rows of bleachers and a guy is on the stage is saying, "Welcome to the comeback of 'Everything Goes, Including The Clothes'. We'd like Jane Jackson and Lewie Iban to come on down."

You make your way down the bleachers as everyone is watching you.

"You two have been chosen as contestants for the show. So here's the rules. You two are going to be put in costumes and I'll ask questions. Whoever buzzes in first answers the question. If they answer it right the oppoentent takes off one peice of clothing. If the person answers it wrong they have to take off one peice of clothes. Go in the back rooms and get in the costumes. Take off everything you are wearing and come back."

You go into a room at the back of the stage. Inside you find a spandex superhero costume. You put it on and put your clothes on the floor.

Go and start the game

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