Invasion of the B-Movie Monsters!

From Create Your Own Story

You are ... well, nobody important. If you were, you'd probably be out doing something interesting instead of sitting at home alone trying to decide between watching Frankenstein meets the Phantom of the Opera, Dracula vs the Cheerleaders, or The Wombat that Ate New York.

On the plus side, your parents aren't going to be home this weekend, which means you could throw an awesome Halloween party and they'd never know about it! On the downside, you really doubt anyone would want to come to a party thrown by you anyway. On top of that, the weather looks really weird tonight. It's cold, raining, and the sky is an odd shade of green. So you decide your better off just watching scary movies on TV. Even scary movies with the good stuff edited out for TV are better than no scary movies.

About fifteen minutes into the Frankenstein meets the Phantom, you hear a loud noise coming from outside.

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