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Suddenly, you are aware;Aware of the blood thumping painfully in your veins, of the sensation of falling, of the rapidly shrinking light above you, and then of the searing pain of impact. A different kind of darkness than the one all around you creeps in trough the back door of your mind and stills you. You begin to dream:

The sun is shining brilliantly and your clothes, wet with sweat, cling to your skin. You are lost but you are not worried. The world is bathed in the blue-black blanket of night. You can smell gasoline in the air. A shot. Make that gasoline, blood and gore. Mist. Darkness again.

You are once more aware. You sit up and ignore the pain in your body. You realize that you are used to pain and make a mental note of it. You do not recognize where you are. Wherever you are you assume that you are there outside of business hours since there isn't a soul around.

You notice a clothes shop and that your clothes are too soiled to be worn. Having no other choice you break in. You make a mental note that you know how to pick locks and own a lockpick as you make your way towards the racks.

Do you:

Health 3/10 Equipment:


MP 0/1
Level 0

Soiled Clothing

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