Adventures of Indiana Zach

From Create Your Own Story

You are at a happy time in the near future 70 trillion years from now in a galaxy not far enough away. You are in a space cruiser called “The Smudge”. You are of a race called Lilpir.

Suddenly an utterly disgusting alien is teleported onto "The Smudge".

You ask it what its name is and it hits a translator disc on its belt then it replies, “My name is Zach.”

You scream in fear and then ask what a Zach is.

Zach replies, “I am a human from a galaxy named after a candy bar.”

You reply, “The Milky Way?”

Zach then says, “How did you know the name?”

You reply yet again, “We have a candy bar here with that name, although it would probably be toxic for you. If you tried some you would die an incredibly painful death.”


NOTE TO EDITORS: Please do not cause Zach to experience extravagant or un-necessary pain. If you do this you shall be prosecuted by the laws set down in the Shadow Proclamation.

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