So you Want to be an Evil Overlord?

From Create Your Own Story

((Unlike some adventures, this involves, instead of controlling a single character, to control an entire criminal 'nation'. Stuck on what the alert colors mean? Look here.))

You've finally killed your father, the well-known evil overlord of West Virginia (and some of Virginia). He's worked in a corrupted hotel on the outskirts of Charleston for a long time. Hiring loyal minions through his ultimately evil propaganda skills, he now has a full criminal group. They carry out missions daily. Four advisers wait in the meeting room. Papa Dark, the godfather of an old mafia; Charlie 'Soup' Smith, the corrupted businessman who craves soup every minute; 'Deaf Death', the punk gangster who never stops listening to his MP3 Player, thus he can't hear anything you say, Tommy Gunn, who has all-too-often played with guns, and 'Homos Cayamos' Carl, the Mexican drug lord. All of these advisers can potentially aid you on your path of conquest.

First things first, though. Someone's knocking at your door.

Send out a squad of minions to investigate.

Ignore the tapping.

Have a sniper take him out.

Your Status of Overlording
Morale: 100%
Alert Level: None
Defense Level: Strong
Heroes Defeated: 0

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