My wish

From Create Your Own Story

You are emily the youngest child of 5 children (15). You have blonde hair that just goes past your shoulders, piercing blue eyes, are slim and secretly have submissive fantasies. Your 4 brothers are Jamie (17), the twins Mark and Will (20) and jack (24) Jamie has shortish dark brown hair with matching eyes. He is tall ( about a head taller than you), muscular but kinda thin. Mark and Will are identical twins both with short light brown hair and chocolate eyes, taller than Jamie and broader. Jack is slightly shorter than Mark and Will but is broader than them. He has the same dark hair has Jamie but deep blue eyes. Your mother left many years ago shortly after giving birth to you and hasn't been seen or heard from since and your dad got promoted a year ago and now spends most of his time abroad. After several weeks of complaining he was convinced that you could all stay at home.

at the moment you are in bed. The blinds are closed as is the door and you slept naked last night and your rather vivid dreams about your siblings has left you tangled in the duvet . What next.

have a shower to clean up

continue last nights fantasies

get changed and go downstairs for breakfast

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