The Time Lord

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You are an average 18-year-old girl, still in high school. You're fairly intelligent as well as quite good-looking, and known for being a bit nerdy.

You're sitting in mathematics, the most boring subject, tapping your Converse against the side of your desk. Your teacher, Ms. Haller, is talking in her usual monotone voice about quadratics. Boooring. There's no one in your class who you can talk to. Despite a couple of hot guys, there's absolutely nothing entertaining to look at.

You decide to gaze out the window, watching the lush oak tree that stands on the front of campus. Suddenly, you notice that it's gotten suspiciously quiet. Not only is no one talking, the wind that was rustling the tree's leaves has ceased. There is absolutely no noise at all. Wondering what just happened, you look around only to see that everyone is simply sitting there without moving at all. Scared, you look to the front of the room and even Ms. Haller seems to be frozen in place.

Suddenly, a strange man that you've never seen before rushes into the classroom. He is wearing extremely weird clothes; a tweed jacket and bow tie that are just as unusual as his floppy mop of dark brown hair. He certainly looks funny, but the situation and the look on his face absolutely terrify you.

The strange man looks around and his eyes brighten when they settle on you. He points in a determined fashion, making his way through your frozen classmates and towards you.

Strange Man: You! You move! You ... how ... How are you doing that? You're human, but you can still move! Quite unusual, rather interesting... Well, there's no time... Are you coming, or not?


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