Age of Heroes

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A brief note: This tale would likely be rated PG-13 if it were a film, and may, depending on your choices, contain mild suggestive content, fantasy violence, and alcohol use.

Your head is pounding almost as much as the banging on your door.

"Come on, lazybones! Tha day's wastin'!" You roll over and try to block out the sound of your travelling companion, Grath, but it won't work. The burly outlander is definitely a morning person, which grates on your nerves to no end. Especially when you were up until three bells last night, after being waylaid by a group of gnolls... you shudder. Those things have never struck you as natural, no matter what the biomancers may say. Another thump at the door. "I'm still waiting!"

You growl and toss the empty washbasin from your nightstand to the door. "I'mgeddinup!" you mumble, staggering to your feet and shaking out the cobwebs. Not bothering with the discarded basin, you just dump a large splash of water out onto your face. It doesn't do too much, but it helps a little bit. You glance around the room of the inn where you spent the night. It's mostly barren, just a bed, a window, a nightstand, and the trunk where you threw your things. But you're used to spartan surroundings - such is the life of the adventurer! You take a deep breath, mentally preparing yourself, and stride across the room. You reach into the trunk and...

Health Groggy but fine Equipment:


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