Just Plain Awesome

From Create Your Own Story

It's just plain awesome. This adventure is supposed to take place during medieval times and stuff.

You live in horrible living conditions in a country with practically no free rights. You work now as a farmer, but you decide you want to change that. Not just that, but everything. Unfortunately, you have no clue how. You simply decide to go into town. Eventually you see a sign that says Political Aide Wanted. You consider this job. It would be a great start in politics, but it doesn't pay at all. You decide to think it over, and end up in a bar somehow. After a few drinks, you overhear two men talking about how a spot in military's special forces has opened. You now must choose.

Do you:

Just Plain Awesome/Become a political aide

Just Plain Awesome/Try out for the special forces

Health 100 Equipment:

Cloth Clothes

MP 0
Level 1
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