Just Plain Awesome/Become a political aide

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You begin your career in politics as an aide. Your boss is an asshole, but you know, that's life. After about three months your boss fails the election, but you get a good rep for hard work. Now you choose to run for something, and you win!

You are quite popular with the people, but the nobles aren't to fond of you. After 3 elections, the Emperor refuses to let you run again as to not further anger the nobles. This just angers you and your followers, the common people. You encourage your followers to protest this action, and they do. Two protesters are killed by a soldier, which only furthers the tension.

After an attempt to arrest you, you decide to declare all out war on the Emperor and the nobles. A local blacksmith is happy to provide you with the finest armor and weapons. The next day you tell the people to get their weapons and run to the castle to attack the Emperor. You arrive at the gates to find plenty of guards...well guarding the gates. Immediately the battle begins. You fight the guards back, and run up to the Emperor's Quarters. You now face the Captain of the Guard, what do you do?

Just Plain Awesome/Lunge at him

Just Plain Awesome/Throw your sword at the chandelier above him

Health 85 Equipment:

Moderate Plate Mail, Broadsword, Strong Kite Shield

MP 0
Level 1
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