From Create Your Own Story

The setting is 500 years in the future.A scientist has made special injections that give people powers. Some people can't survive the pain of an injection, they will either die, or go insane. Some people are strong enough that they can survive more than one injection. The scientist had recently made a new injection. The Maximus injection. It has the powers of every injection previously made. It was so strong that everyone who tried to get the power died. Except the scientist, he could handle the power. The scientist then found another person strong enough to handle it. But unfortunately, they turned evil and betrayed the scientist. The battle was so intense that the world was almost destroyed, now everything is in ruins. The scientist had the Maximus power taken out of him from severe injuries. Now the scientist has gathered a group to protect him and the world from destruction. The remaining evil Maximus went out and gathered a small army for himself. You are a Mimic. You have the power to copy any power of any person you have allied with or defeated.

You are walking on a trail. You come up to a sign. You can barely make out the words, but it says, go east for city, and go west for farm.

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