From Create Your Own Story

The year is 1815. You are a French soldier on the battlefields of Waterloo. Napoleon Bonaparte has recently taken command of an army to fight the British/Prussian forces. As you take a greater look at the enemy forces you see that they have a substantially larger amount of troops than the Empire does. After a rousing and inspiring speech by your commanding officer, you head out into he field with your platoon. "Firing formation, double time!" you hear Lieutenant Delacroix shout ot your platoon. Immedeatly the group faces the other side. The English advance quickly and get dangerously close to you and your men. "Why the fuck are we just standing here?" one of your comrades asks with a sense of disbelief. But before the lieutenant or anyone else can answer, a cannonball from the British/Prussian guns is fired and hits the head of the man next to you, knocking it clean off. A volley of musket fire comes from the British side and kills many. "Do NOT fire! Wait until they get close!" is all you can hear before another cannonball strikes the ground next to you. The battle is getting fierce...

What should you do?

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