Disobey orders and fire anyway

From Create Your Own Story

You instinctively disobey your ordrs and fire your flintlock... with a poor result. The musket ball goes into the wave of Recoats without even making a noticable dent in their numbers. The lieutenant sees this and rides down to your position. "IDIOT! I told you to wait! Give me your gun, you are a prisoner of the French Em-" The deafening sound of cannon fire strikes you and knocks you off your feet. Lieutenant Delacroix is no more. All that remains of him is a bloody stump. You think you may have been paralyzed and crawl away from the horrid and unwinnable firefight taking place between French and British forces. You crawl so far from the battle that you run into Prussian calvary. A Prussian officer finds you and takes you prisoner. You live out the rest of the war in a German prison until you are released.

The End.

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