Erotic Adventures of a Gentleman Spy

From Create Your Own Story

You are Sir Thaddeus Montgomery a reputable Victorian gentleman and a member of her majesty’s secret service. You have received a telegram from Lord Barraclough, calling you to the Diogenes Club.

It sounds like he has a job for you. Unfortunately your plans for the evening involved visiting an entirely different kind of club and it looks as though that will need to be put on hold. The Asmodeus Society had all manner of pleasures for the discerning and not so discerning gentleman and you can feel it calling to you...

Oh well, work comes first. What could be more important than the security of the Empire?

What harm can a few hours of fun do? Off to the Asmodeus Society.

Why not stop by the pub for a quick pint, then straight off to Lord Barraclough.

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