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You are a tall, handsome, and strong Knight. You were walking in the garden when the king sent for you. You went to him and learned that an evil necromancer is on his way to destroy the castle with an army of the undead. You gathered your troops and ran out of the castle tofind the surrounding town in flames. You battled your way through zombies, ghosts, and skeletons to find the Necromancer. You rush at him with your sword which he dodges. You jump into the air and fake an attack with your sword, instead, you lash out with your foot, catching the necromancer unaware. He falls to the ground and as you raise your sword to behead him, his staff begans to glow as he utters magical words and you feel a blow to your stomach. You fall to the ground and pass out. However, your last view was of the clear sky and the treetops, not the smoke and wood buildings that should've been there.

When you awaken, you find out:

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