Princess Problems

From Create Your Own Story

A wise king grew old, and unfortunately was cursed with only daughters, each named for a flower. While each of his daughters were beautiful, they could not take over his kingdom without a king at her side. And so he sent for Princes from all around to woo his daughters, with his trusty councilman at his side, telling him who best to bring for the girls. The royals all made their way to the kingdom, but the old king soon fell ill.

Before the men could reach the castle, the king was dead.

The councilman was in his late thirties and not very easy on the eyes. Even so, the sound of his voice was so persuasive that many wondered if he were secretly involved with witchcraft. The councilman, whose name was Fredrick, proceeded to use this charm to convince the kingdom that he should have the throne until one of the girls was wed.

This new king welcomed each of the princes that arrived, but he had invited only the worst princes he could think of. These horrible princes would want nothing but to use and abuse the late king's children and whisk them away to their own kingdoms to give them heirs.

But councilman Fredrick, now acting King Fredrick, knew this quite well. While he didn't want to lose these beautiful girls to other kingdoms, he knew if he married them off to these princes he would not only remain king, but also would have made several powerful allies, so long as he could marry one of the princesses himself.

Which Princess would you like to be?

Princess Violet, a beautiful raven-haired girl whose hair seems almost seemed a royal purple in the sun. This pale, petite sixteen year old used to spend much of her time in her father's study and was oblivious to all of the side-long glances Fredrick would give her. Very sheltered for her age.

Princess Lily is the youngest at only twelve. This is still, of course, considered a ripe age to marry. Lily's honey-brown hair and crystal-blue eyes often give men reason to stare, but like Violet, she is very sheltered and hasn't even been told that her father has passed.

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