Ruined Earth

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Welcome to Ruined Earth, a setting in which you play as a citizen of Earth, and, potentially, a different, more important role as time passes. Throughout the game, you will be expected to record the number of wounds you have suffered throughout the game, as well as many other statistics. Below are some questions you are asked, and then how the format of your character sheet should appear. Thereafter, we'll get to playing the game. If you're curious about how this all works, click here. If you want to whine about how much this game sucks, go here.

1. What is your name?

2. How are you inclined, morally? Pick one or two of the following: good intentions, ill intentions, varied intentions, inclined to follow rules, inclined to break rules, undeclared.

3. Would you rather have a blade (long sword) in your hands, or a gun (pistol) in your hands? Longswords deal slashing damage and are long. Guns deal ranged piercing damage at up to a medium range.

4. Would you rather be spiritual or smart? If the former, start with the spell Basic Magic. If the latter, start with a Computer.

5. Would you prefer to be on the receiving end, or the giving end? If the former, you have a threshold of 5. If you have the latter, you have a threshold of 4 and the ability extra damage.

6. Gain one Aptitude, of your choice, that you meet the requirements for.

And here's a blank example character sheet.


threshold 0

condition OK

void 5

no partner

abilities: none, none, none

spells: none, none, none

items: none, none, none

Got that down? Good. You'll be referring to it a lot throughout the game.

What will you do?
Yourself Fine Partner None Options


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