Princess Revenge

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Beggining of the autumn, the "Mounth of the Fire". You are Eylane , the princess of Muritan Kingdom. You have been raised in the castle you call home.You father, the high king, was a good man, but indebted with a foregneir noble, Artamix.He said you would have to leave behind everything you know to become the bride of the powerful noble he was involved with.But he loved you so much and the final day he decided to pay the debt in any way: he raised the taxes , spoiling the already poor farmers, asked for loans to the foreign banks, dismissed half of the army to reduce the expenses.He wanted you to live a princess life, but YOUR life, married to a noble you would love, happy with his nephews.

Chapter 1 (The Escape).

A crowd unhappy and angry for the poor living condition assaults the castle thanks to some guards betraying you, and your poor father is killed in front of you by some feroucious men in dark coats.With your heart trembling in your chest and tears on your face, you are grabbed by a loyal man of the king.He reassures you that he will not hurt you. He carries you with great speed to your room through the guards fighting each other (traitors against loyal ,,while the civilians destroy the palace, stealing its riches and murdering the servants.

You enter you room , extravagant for a noblewoman, with many precious paintings, a reproduction of an acient gold statue, flower decorations and a large red-wooden wardrobe, produced in a foreign exotic country. The soldier, your savior, says to you:

"Princess take all that is usable for a journey, we have to escape. Hurry, take only the essential.There is no time, I will guard here!"

He shuts the door behind you.

You look for a moment yourself at the wall mirror. A breathtakingly beautiful girl with wavy gold hair and exotic facial features stands there.Your body has perfect curves and your big breasts make you more sexy under the silky courtly purple dress.Once your father told you that your beauty certaintly came from your passed away mother, a marvellous noble elf. You are very upset and confused about sudden revolt and about your father's death, but you have to move.You try to calm down, breathing slowly, and with a certain courage you firmly look for useful items.

Do you:

Health 100 Equipment:

Courtly Purple Dress

Stamina 100
Mood shaked Inventory:

valuable pendant, royal ring

Purse 0, 0, 0
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