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The world in which this adventure takes place is a huge continent known as Aranya. It's divided into four counties, inhabited by different races: Selvas County in the south, inhabited by humans; Kyrine County in the east, inhabited by dwarves; Greenholm County in the west, inhabited by elves; Whitecloak County in the north, inhabited by half-orcs.

But the main event of the story really starts in Selvas City, capital of Selvas County, in a common dark night. A 19-year-old street boy, barefoot and dressed with torn clothes, runs fast in the streets to escape from a probable chaser. The cause of this escape is surely an apple that the boy stole to defeat his hunger. Suddenly he stops in an alley, panting deeply and soaked with sweat. Then he attempts to bite the apple when everything goes dark: someone covered his head with a hood. It's a muscular man with a long black cloak that makes recognition impossible. "Finally I've got you!" says the man "Now you'll come with me." He flings the boy into a sack and closes it with a tough rope, then loads him on a chariot and goes towards the castle.

A few minutes later, Tyran (that was the name of the boy) wakes up in a cell in the castle dungeons and notices that his ankles and wrists are chained: he's been subjugated by the king Khoradhim that rules Selvas City, a destiny that some reckon to be even worse than death. But something mysterious happens: during a work detail in the Mithril Mines of the Mount Ramaren, in the northeast of Selvas City, Tyran discovers an ancient runic parchment that refers to him as the Chosen, who will defeat Khoradhim and rescue the continent of Aranya from a dark menace...

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