The Kingdom

From Create Your Own Story

You are Prince Aram of the Kingdom of Araluen. At fourteen years old, you are overshadowed by your older brothers in your attempts to reach the throne. But that won't stop you from trying whatever you can to gain influence with your father. Your greatest goal in life is to overshadow your siblings for the throne.

Its been a week since the grand invasion of Torres, during which you and your siblings were chosen to press a siege to the town of Haegstaff. It was your strategies that allowed Araluen to defeat the superior military of Torres, and thereby claim the border towns.

As the boy who masterfully eliminated their force, you were the first to breach the palace. There, you found the Lord and Lady of Haegstaff cowering in their rooms. The Lord you dispatched with ease, but the Lady you took back home as a prisoner. Her name was Amber, matching her hair, and you had murdered her husband just one month after their wedding. You gave her a harsh truth when she tried to kill you a few minutes later. She was yours, now and forever.

After your victory at Haegstaff, you are growing restless. And so you ride ahead of the main force with your new slave and a few guards, hoping to be the first to bring the tale of your success to father. Just in case one of your brothers takes credit.

The road passes smoothly at first. You outpace the army within two days, before coming upon a small farmhouse framed by the setting sun. What do you do?

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