From Create Your Own Story

You glance up from doing your homework and discover that you're standing in a large, strange laboratory. A man in a white lab coat sees you and hurries over. Uh oh, you're in trouble!

"Hello and welcome to the world of SexMon!" he says with a smile. "My name is Professor Pine. I study the mating habits of SexMon. Peculiar job, I know, but somebody has to do it. Hey, would you be willing to do me a favor? I need you to have intercourse with every SexMon and report the experience to me. Better yet, here take this!" He straps a funny looking wristwatch onto your arm. "It's a Sexdex, it'll automatically record the data while the copulation is happening, calculating speed, position, variation, stamina, and pleasure levels. The Sexdex is still a bit buggy, but it shouldn't catch fire again, and don't worry, my last research assistant healed right up. You can hardly see the scars."

The shock is wearing off and you're starting to freak out. You try to take the watch off, but you can't figure out how to unlatch the band. You start to tell the professor to take it off, but he interrupts.

"Oh, of course! How rude of me. I'm terrible with names, so I won't remember yours, so I'll call you Sam. Okay, Sam?"

"My name is--" you say, scowling at him, but he interrupts again.

"Right, how silly of me! So, are you a boy or a girl, Sam?"

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