Temple of Jesenda

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"Jesenda, Godess of Passion, Lust, Women, Sex and all that is raunchy!" Comes a voice booming female over a microphone system, the hard stone rooms flooding with sound. "You have all been called by her mystical powers over all she desires, and all that desire her! Come, partake in her devious and delightful challenges. Fight for your ultimate prize!"

"Ooh, that was good." Coos Anne, a cheery redhead. She looks around the room as she walks in, excitement bubbling up inside her small form as she inspects every inch of of it. "There is a second announcement of when we start right?" She questions her new friends, still heading into the chamber. Noticing a large stone table and the opportunity to sit on something instead of being on her feet all day (not so much fun in flats like these) she hops up onto it, noticing the detail in the carvings as she settles her bright yellow dress.

"That's what the instructions say." A new voice fills the room, echoing slightly at it's hard walls, a person following with it. Rose taps the paper in emphasis, reading through a section. "The first announcement will come through, this is just an introduction for the spectators, a second will come through for contestants specifically, this will contain instructions for the first challenge and will mark the beginning of this years event." She smiles gently as she brushes her blonde hair out of her eyes, touching her glasses gently back into place. "Shouldn't be long now according to this."

"See, what did I say?" Comes a booming voice from the back, Rebecca walking in, a good half foot taller than the other two. "We are going to win this so easily!" She cries out, laughing heartily. "Books and brains over there," she points to Rose jovially. "is going to keep our puzzle solving skills topped up." Rose smiles gently at this, blushing slightly perhaps. "Miss bounce-a-lot has enough energy to go all day." Anne salutes, grinning giddily and mouthing "Captain." "And our last lovely lady to give us all something to look at." Rebecca winks cheekily at the door.

Jasmine walks in, blushing deeply and hiding behind locks of auburn hair as she walking in smoothly. "Sweetening up the room." As Rebecca puts it. She smiles gently to the other girls, sliding up onto the table next to Anne, gently pulling her shorts into a more respectable position. "Thanks."


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