A Year of Humiliation

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Essential Information before it begins

A story about one girl's humiliating year

Your name's Amber Osterhoudt, a 16 year-old sophomore in High School. You have shoulder-length dirty-blonde hair and dark sea blue eyes.

You currently live with your dad and his girlfriend in a 2-story house located in the rural part of town that your dad keeps trying to rebuild and improve on since it's old, and due to it's old age, it is constantly breaking down and in a constant state of repair.

As you are, you currently stand at around 5' 5", average weight, your breasts are currently sized at C-cup and quite firm with slightly big nipples, your butt is also quite a bit curvy and plump and soft.

You're also currently a virgin and not really interested in sex at the moment because you want to save it for your "special someone".

Now to begin

You begin to wake up slowly, stretching your arms out and letting out a satisfied grunt. You sit up straight against your bed and look out the window of your bedroom smiling and taking a deep breath, taking in the beautiful morning sun, hearing the beautiful and wonderful songs of the birds as they fly on past your window and into the sky or trees. Slowly, you get out of bed and go downstairs, greeting your dad and hugging your German Shepherd, Beadie, along the way. You sit down as you and your dad have breakfast, making small conversations and discussions about everyday topics. After you finish eating, you clean up and wash the dishes and look at the clock on the wall and see you don't have long before you have to leave for school and you start to get ready. How will you get to school?

Do you:

Walk yourself to school

Wait outside for the bus

Call your friend to drive you there

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