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My brain was a little foggy when I woke up that Saturday morning. I had consumed a little too much beer last night, along with a considerable amount of marijuana. Not a full-blown hangover, but still a little shaky. Tony and Ken had been over, and we hung out, got wasted, and watched some movies with lots of things blowing up and people getting hurt. Under Siege and The Matrix, as I recalled. I think we watched The Guns of Navaronne as well, but I could not be sure.

It had been a long week. My position as a technical writer had been hectic with sections of three reports all due by Friday. It also took me all week to clean from the party last Saturday. By Friday night, I had been so ready to do some serious drinking.

When I got downstairs, I started cleaning up the mess we had made. Bottles, cans, a bong, a pipe, some rolling papers (we used most every smoking appliance I had), and cartons of Chinese food. Then I noticed the fortune cookie fortunes lying on the coffee table. I found the one I got and reread it: "Tomorrow's errands will be very eventful." The tiny slip of paper also had the usual lucky numbers and a word in Chinese and English supposedly to expand your vocabulary in Mandarin. A memory from last night trickled into my brain: when I had opened the fortune cookie, I had received a small static shock from the wrapper, and, at the same time, the lights had dimmed just a bit. I did not think anything of it at the time, and this morning, I shook my head to dispel the coincidence. I jabbed it into my pocket.

Then I found the DVD cases for the movies, and since The Guns of Navaronne was empty, I knew we had seen it. I must have been too stoned to remember. Once everything was picked up, I filled the dishwasher and took a shower. I had some errands to run, so I headed out to the car.

What is the first errand? What happens?

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