Twisted Family

From Create Your Own Story

Well, I guess you like twisted families. Have fun with it, make your own twisted family, and lets see what twists are running around in your dirty mind.

Diamond Keaton - 17 year old girl who isn't exactly innocent... ~Beautiful, Perverted, Popular, Talkative, rude at times~

Kristal Keaton - 13 Year old naive girl who can't help agreeing to anything ~Shy, pretty, Easily persuaded~

Jewel Keaton - Innocent 8 year old, and let's just say.. easy prey ~Small, cute, shy, playful, and kind~

Jake Keaton - 38 Year old father of four ~Strong, trusted, Respected~

Ana Keaton - 34 year old mother of four ~ slim, lithe, happy, kind, active~

Daniel (Dani) Keaton - 19 year old son on break from college ~Handsome, Active, Strong, playful, popular, outgoing~

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