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A disclaimer of some sort

Okay, hi fellas… this is my first story and it is in the ADULT section. I should clarify though, this is not one of those stories where your character "gets some" at every turn of the story. If you did expect such a story then I am sorry to disappoint you… maybe you'll appreciate this one better.

The idea was to author a fantasy adventure with fantasy in every sense… even sexual, while not compromising the adventure in any way. Let us see how far I succeed… or fail really, it's hard to spot ones flaws when he is overzealous


"Yup, you haven't heard?"


"I suppose you can't be blamed… it's only a colloquial term afterall."

"And what am I to do now?"

"Well, for now you just observe… everything has been set in motion for now, just relax"


Path of the Renegade

Path of the Maiden

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